'Orange is the New Black's' Jason Biggs' prison nicknames for Tara Reid, Woody Allen and more co-stars

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jason-biggs-orange-is-the-new-black-getty.jpgJason Biggs stopped by "Watch What Happens Live" Tuesday (Oct. 8) and host Andy Cohen asked him to participate in a fun gag where he made up prison nicknames for some of his former co-stars, a la "Orange is the New Black's" prison nicknames, the Netflix show on which Biggs currently appears.

Here were his answers:

Tara Reid is "Hot Mess," Alec Baldwin is "Pap Smear," Woody Allen is "Frank Sinatra" ( timely!), Natasha Lyonne is "Curlz," Kelsey Grammer is "Camille" and Jimmy Fallon is "Jimmy Shanks."

Later, he answers a caller question about Jodie Foster directing the episode of "OITNB" where he had to masturbate in character. Foster wasn't quite sure what to tell him, but he was like -- "Foster, I got this. Relax. This is sorta my thing."

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images