'Orange Is the New Black's' Natasha Lyonne offers some very surprising Season 2 spoilers - Watch

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While fans await the return of Netflix's hit series "Orange Is the New Black" with bated breath, star Natasha Lyonne is offering up some Season 2 spoilers. And, as she tells it, everyone ought to expect a very different show, indeed.

"In the season finale, the other prisoners hold my character down and run a brush through my hair," Lyonne teases in the interview, before offering other interesting morsels. Another change: "There's a new warden in town ... Dustin Diamond!"

Of course, it's all rubbish. Lyonne's insane spoilers are (thankfully) all a joke, created for a web-exclusive video for "Conan." So, you can stop angrily writing your Netflix hate mail.

Check out the full video above and see what other lunatic ideas Lyonne teases.

Season 2 of "Orange Is the New Black" is currently in production in New York, though Netflix has yet to reveal a premiere date.
Photo/Video credit: Team Coco