Oreo outage tweet: Company jumps on Super Bowl blackout

oreo-outage-tweet-dunk-dark.jpgWhen the lights went out at Super Bowl XLVII, some people made funny quips on Twitter, some people switched over to "Downton Abbey," some people made a beer run. But Oreo got to work.

The cookie company tweeted the above picture with the caption: "Power out? No problem" and the picture says, "You can still dunk in the dark."

It really is pretty brilliant that the company got the ad together and posted so quickly and is the epitome of the fast-paced world we live in now with social media.

The ad agency behind the clever photo is 360i and agency president Sarah Hofstetter tells Buzz Feed, "We had a mission control set up at our office with the brand and 360i, and when the blackout happened, the team looked at it as an opportunity. Because the brand team was there, it was easy to get approvals and get it up in minutes."

Hofstetter continues, "The big question is, what happens when everything changes, when you go off script? That was where it got fun. You need a brave brand to approve content that quickly. When all of the stakeholders come together so quickly, you've got magic."

Photo/Video credit: Oreo