Original 'V' star Jane Badler joins Season 2 of ABC reboot

Contrary to what their hair might tell you, these women are related.

ABC announces that Jane Badler, star of the original 1983 "V," joins the ABC remake next season in the recurring role of alien leader Anna's ( Morena Baccarin) mother.

Badler's character, Diana, gets her introduction in the midseason premiere and will play a pivotal role in Season 2's development of the alien mythology. It is not yet known if Badler plans to bring back Barbarella locks back with her.

This casting move totally reminds us of when Richard Hatch joined SyFy's "Battlestar Galactica." A star of the original 1978 series, Hatch was introduced following the 2003 "BSG" miniseries as political insurgent Tom Zarek. He ended up parlaying his one-off appearance into a 22-episode stint, almost making it all the way to the series finale.

Reviving the careers of under-worked actors from the '70s and '80s: another reason to love remakes.

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Photo credits: NBC, ABC