'Orphan Black' storyboard shows Season 2 gets very Halloween-themed

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For some strange reason, the writers of "Orphan Black" seem to have infused Season 2 with a healthy dose of monsters, ghosts and ghouls. Could it have anything to do with Halloween? Nah, couldn't be ...

The "Orphan Black" official Facebook page posted a picture of Season 2 episodes 5, 6 and 7 story boards that detail some pretty crazy plotlines. From a "fanged Felix rampage" in "Night of the Living Clones!" to learning "Kira is really a demon" in "Sara Snaps" to "FrankenClone" revealing that Mrs. S's "'S' stands for slasher," it seems some writers have been watching a few too many scary movies recently.

"A very special storyboard sneak peek, straight from the #OrphanBlack writers' room!" the caption on the photo reads.

While this post seems to be all in good fun, who knows, maybe there is a nugget of truth about Season 2 in there somewhere. The new season is slated to premiere in April 2014. Which of these "Orphan Black" plot points do you hope is actually real?

Photo/Video credit: Facebook