Oscars 2010: 'Avatar's' Sam Worthington thrills fans by keepin' it real

Sam-Worthington-Oscars-2010-avatar.jpg"Avatar" star Sam Worthington was a breath of fresh air for Oscar fans.

He arrived on the carpet with girlfriend, stylist Natalie Mark, and he seemed to be vibrating on the energy of the star-studded event. Many fans were thrilled by his Australian accent and unshaven face.

The best part? While he's not nominated himself, he was still so jazzed to be there. It's always refreshing to see stars just as excited and starstruck by the Oscars as we are.

Our favorite Sam moments:

  • When he almost dropped the F-bomb on the nationally televised red carpet broadcast!
  • When he said he was nervous about co-presenting with Jennifer Lopez and said that it would be like "beauty and the beast."