Oscars 2011: Vanity Fair party hosts Anna Paquin, Jon Hamm, Emma Stone and motley crew of early arrivals

vanity-fair-party-1.jpgThe only Oscar viewing venue more appealing than the Kodak Theatre would have to be the Vanity Fair party at West Hollywood's Sunset Tower. In addition to hosting almost every nominee and winner by the end of the night, the party starts early so some guests can drink while they watch the awards.

Guests who got the party started early this year included "True Blood" stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, Jon Hamm, Steven Martin, Leslie Mann, Tom Ford, Emma Stone, Paul Rudd and... Mick Jagger.

vanity-fair-party-2.jpgLook who cleans up nice! Fewer than 24 hours before the party we spotted Jon Hamm at the Independent Spirit Awards, and he was rocking a beard, a motorcycle jacket and a pair of Ray-Bans. We can't decide which look we like better, so can someone please just figure out a way to clone him?

vanity-fair-party-3.jpgEmma Stone, still sporting her "Spider-Man" blond, has an interesting dress going on, with two prints that seem to be at war with one another.  This girl can do no wrong in our book, so we'll curb our desire to commentate.

vanity-fair-party-4.jpgLeslie Mann: our Oscar winner for best execution of the coy, cheekbone-enhancing smile.

vanity-fair-party-5.jpgAnd then we have Mick, seen here with designer L'Wren Scott (who appears to have saved the sexy for herself rather than nominee Amy Adams), who has an apostrophe in her first name. Jagger has called her his "main person of interest," which is the least appealing pseudonym for "middle-aged friend with benefits" that we can think of at the moment.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images