Oscars 2012: Viola Davis reacts, talks serial killers

Viola-Davis.jpg Viola Davis was just nominated for an Oscar for her role in "The Help." She's been sweeping the awards lately and she's certainly a front runner for Best Supporting Actress. She told the LA Times that she wants to celebrate with a bit of rest. "No. 1 on the list would be sleep. And maybe if I could get a really fabulous chocolate dessert and a Jacuzzi, that would be good."

She says that hearing her name called was surreal. "It's unimaginable," she says. "When I see my path, in the constant retelling of my story, I realize how absolutely miraculous and amazing it is that I got to this point. I come from a town that's a square mile with 18,000 people in it. I performed in basements, on basketball courts, for an audience of one, and I was just so happy and content doing that, never knowing that this was where the path was leading me."

So, is this her favorite role? Nope! Davis tells the Hollywood Reporter that the one she loved the best was the serial killer she played on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" during the show's first season. "I appreciated killing a whole family with a baseball bat," she says.

She also loved playing Mrs. Miller in "Doubt." "It was a character that not a lot of black people embraced because they didn't like her. I think women face that in general -- a lot more than men, [but] black women really face it," she explains. "We are always overly sanctified in movies, overly nurturing, overly sympathetic. To find that place where you're messy, it's difficult. Sometimes, someone's junk is someone else's treasure. That was my treasure."

No matter who she plays, she's is riveting to watch. Congratulations Viola!
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images