Oscars 2014: Kerry Washington, Benedict Cumberbatch and more TV stars work the red carpet

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oscars-2014-tv-stars-red-carpet.jpgIf you need any further evidence that the line between movies and television is fading, look no further than the red carpet at the 86th Academy Awards.

A number of actors better known for their work on TV were also part of Oscar-nominated movies in 2013, which made the carpet procession even more fun for TV addicts. Here are some of the notable small-screen folks who were at the Oscars.

"Scandal" star Kerry Washington -- and her future child -- was there to introduce Pharrell Williams' Oscar-nominated song "Happy."

oscars-2014-kerry-washington.jpgKristen Bell ( "House of Lies," "Veronica Mars") starred in Best Animated Feature nominee "Frozen" and brought her husband, "Parenthood's" Dax Shepard, as her date.

oscars-2014-dax-shepard-kristen-bell.jpg"Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch was part of four Oscar-nominated films this year: Best Picture nominee "12 Years a Slave," "Star Trek Into Darkness" (visual effects), "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" (visual effects, sound mixing and sound editing) and "August: Osage County" (actress and supporting actress).

oscars-2014-benedict-cumberbatch.jpgYou may know her as The Mother on "How I Met Your Mother," but Cristin Milioti also co-starred in "The Wolf of Wall Street."

oscars-2014-cristin-milioti.jpgAnd, OK, he was a movie star before he was a TV star (give or take an "Unsolved Mysteries" re-enactment), but Best Actor favorite Matthew McConaughey of "Dallas Buyer's Club" now stars in HBO's "True Detective" -- and will probably be walking the Emmy red carpet in a few months.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images