Oscars 2014 Worst Dressed: Julia Roberts, Jared Leto and more

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2014-oscars-worst-dressed-jared-leto-pharrell-goldie-hawn-glenn-close-julie-delpy.jpgThe 86th Academy Awards red carpet was full of gorgeous men and women in their awards show finery. Overall, the Oscars actually had the least fashion faux pas of the 2014 awards season. But that doesn't mean there weren't a few missteps.

Above, we have Glenn Close (far left), who we just don't love in a mermaid silhouette with long sleeves. She looks like if Cruella de Vil were heading to a black-tie event. Next is Jared Leto (middle left). Now, we love us some Leto. But he looks like after the Oscars he's going to be somebody's wedding singer. Or he's the lost member of Sha Na Na.

Julie Delpy (middle) could have chosen better than her drapey, blah-colored gown, while Pharrell (middle right) ... wore shorts. Shorts, dude? You're at the Oscars. Finally, Goldie Hawn (far right) appears to have show up in a very fancy nightgown.

In the "close but no cigar" category, below we have Anne Hathaway (left) and Julia Roberts (right). Both look elegant in long black gowns, but the reflective breastplate on Anne and Julia's weird lacy inset make each gown kinda weird.

Finally, we have Liza Minnelli, who deserved her own giant picture to capture all her glory. We actually don't think she's "worst dressed" because it's so far gone on the bad end of the scale that it's come back around to "awesome."

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images