Out 100 cover honorees unveiled -- Julianne Moore, Ricky Martin and more

out-100-cover.jpgOut magazine unveiled the cover for its Out 100 special double issue Friday (Nov. 12), which also happens to be the magazine's 200th issue.

Aaron Hicklin, Editor in Chief of Out, says, "For this year's cover, the five honorees all reflect major breakthroughs in the profile of the LGBTQ community, including one of the most successful pop stars of all time, a leading commentator on politics and current affairs, a wildly entertaining Olympic ice skater who captured everyone's imagination in Vancouver this year, the first openly gay male host of a daytime TV show, and the fabulous LGBT ally Julianne Moore, star of 'The Kids Are All Right,' a boundary-pushing movie that quietly and profoundly lent legitimacy to our relationships and families."