Owen Wilson's hits Hawaii with baby and baby mama Jade Duell

owen-wilson-baby.jpgWe got another brief glimpse of Owen Wilson's new son, Robert Ford Wilson, this weekend when dad and son -- along with baby mama Jade Duell -- arrived in Maui via private jet.

Baby boy kept the sun and the paparazzi at bay by wearing a pair of reflective sunglasses and a hat. Meanwhile, mom and dad sported matching jeans, white t-shirts and pink leis.

In addition to toting baby Robert, Wilson was carrying a copy of the book "Game Change," about the 2008 presidential election. HBO recently announced it would be adapting the book into a miniseries starring Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin and Ed Harris as John McCain.

Could Wilson be joining the cast? Given a dye job, he might make a fab -- if somewhat aged -- Levi Johnston.

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Photo/Video credit: Gossip Center