Ozzy Osbourne's Grammys 2014 red carpet pose looks a lot like pooping - or twerking

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ozzy-osbourne-pooping-face-grammys-red-carpet-gi.jpgWhen you've attended as many red carpet events as Ozzy Osbourne has in his lifetime, you'd probably get a little kooky too. But the Black Sabbath singer got downright weird on the 56th Grammy Awards red carpet with a pose that looks suspiciously like he's, um, relieving himself. Or, alternatively, if it's photoshopped in the right way, it kind of looks like he's twerking.

With that in mind, Zap2it got a little Photoshop happy and added Ozzy to some of our favorite memes. Where else do you think we should 'shop him in?

Sad Keanu:

sad-keanu-pooping-ozzy.jpg Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at the VMAs:

miley-cyrus-robin-ozzy.jpg Landing on the moon:

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images