'Pan Am': Going nowhere fast

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pan-am-ep4-abc-eastern-exposure.jpgAs much as we hold out hope that " Pan Am" comes through with a series-saving episode, this certainly wasn't the week.

On Sunday (Oct. 16), the crew is rerouted to Burma thanks to a mission where Kate ( Kelli Garner) is charged with delivering a camera from Rangoon to Jakarta. It is here that...honestly...very little happens.

Laura ( Margot Robbie) and Maggie ( Christina Ricci) wander around town, drinking, eating and dancing. This essentially renders "Pan Am" a global travel show filmed on sound stage in New York City. Kate continues to act as an international courier rather than a spy. And when her actions have no context, it goes from dull to meaningless.  

A bit of a tiff breaks out between Kate and Laura. It's clear the stress of being spy-in-training is getting to Kate. But the argument falls flat. Plus, when the most cutting line of the spat is, "You're wearing bunny slippers," you know there isn't much there.

The most interesting segment lasted for about one minute and involved an altercation between Ted ( Michael Mosley) and Dean ( Mike Vogel).

But that left the other 59 minute to endure.
Photo/Video credit: ABC