'Parenthood' Season 4 pics: Does Sarah accept Mark's proposal?

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parenthood-crosby-jasmine-jabbar.jpg parenthood-season-3-mark-amber-sarah-drew.jpgAs we revealed last month, the "Parenthood" gang will be taking new family photos this season as Haddie preps to leave for college. Now, NBC has released two new gallery shots from the latest Braverman photoshoot. Of course, there's a pic of the newly married Jasmine (Joy Bryant) and Crosby (Dax Shepard), with their son Jabbar (Tyree Brown) -- it's only fitting that they follow up the wedding with an official family shot.

Does that mean that the photo of Mark (Jason Ritter) with Sarah (Lauren Graham), Amber (Mae Whitman) and Drew (Miles Heizer) could indicate a wedding in the works? Mark and Sarah hit a rocky patch in their relationship during the season finale, as she worried that she couldn't give him the life he wanted because of their age difference. We were all relieved when he refused to let the breakup happen and instead, proposed to her.

With Ray Romano coming in to "complicate" their relationship even further, we're hoping that this family photo is a good sign for the direction Mark and Sarah will go in this season.

When we spoke to Ritter on the morning of his Emmy nomination, he confided that he's got a few concerns about Romano's character, Hank, as well. "I'm worried!" he laughed. "On one hand, I feel a little bit more secure in her and my relationship; before I was the new guy and she had all this history with Seth, the father of her children, a guy who she loved and had to leave because he was an addict. It was scary. Now Ray Romano's the new guy. I'm totally scared because the writers can do anything, and Sarah's a complicated lady!"

In addition to the family portraits above, NBC released some photos from Haddie's going-away party, since she's heading off to college. Sarah Ramos has been reduced to a guest-starring role this season, but don't worry -- some family complications will give her plenty of reason to travel back to Berkley during her school breaks.

parenthood-season-3-amber-adam.jpg parenthood-season-3-adam-kristina.jpg parenthood-zeek-sarah-haddie-goodbye.jpg parenthood-season-3-haddie.jpg parenthood-mark-sarah-party.jpg

Photo/Video credit: NBC