'Parks and Recreation' brings back Louis C.K., makes a 'Free Agent' pickup

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louis-ck-kathryn-hahn-parks-and-rec.jpgThe obstacles to love for Ben and Leslie on "Parks and Recreation" will keep coming this season -- including one that looks a lot like Louis C.K.

The comedian and star of FX's "Louie" is set to reprise his role as Dave, the cop Leslie ( Amy Poehler) dated for a while in Season 2, TVLine reports. Dave's arc on the show ended when he took a job in San Diego and Leslie decided to stay, but he'll return to Pawnee in an episode slated to air early next year.

We're sure Ben ( Adam Scott) will take the news of one of Leslie's exes being back in town in the same calm, not-at-all uncomfortable manner he's handled the other bits of bad news we've seen him get.

Meanwhile, TVLine also reports -- and "Parks and Rec" showrunner Mike Schur confirms -- that Kathryn Hahn, late of NBC's short-lived "Free Agents," has also come aboard the show. She'll appear in several episodes as a political consultant who works for one of Leslie's rival Pawnee City Council candidates.

Hahn's first episode is also set to air in early 2012.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images