'Parks and Recreation': Chris, Ben and Ron are not well

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Not since Season 3's "Flu Season" have we seen Chris Traeger ( Rob Lowe) laid so low as in this clip from Thursday's (Feb. 7) "Parks and Recreation."

The culprit this time is food poisoning. Ben ( Adam Scott) and Ron ( Nick Offerman) have it too, and all three of them make extreme intestinal discomfort very amusing.

Based on the episode description, the source of the food poisoning is likely a catering company Ben had the guys sample as part of his and Leslie's ( Amy Poehler) wedding planning. We're guessing they won't be going with that one.

Thursday's episode is called "Ann's Decision," and it centers on Ann ( Rashida Jones) committing to the idea of dating herself for a while -- and searching for a sperm donor(!). That is going all-in.

"Parks and Rec" airs at 8:30 p.m. ET Thursday on NBC.
Photo/Video credit: NBC