'Parks and Recreation' finds its Tammy I: Patricia Clarkson

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patricia-clarkson-parks-and-rec.jpgWhen Zap2it spoke with "Parks and Recreation" co-creator Michael Schur about the show's Emmy nomination for best comedy, we also talked a little about the coming season.

More specifically, we asked about Tammy I -- Ron's ( Nick Offerman) first ex-wife, whose presence was teased in last season's finale -- and whether they were looking for someone to fill the then-vacant role who fits Ron's stated physical type: "pretty, dark-haired women."

"That was in our mind," Schur said at the time. "... A lot of factors had to come into play. A lot of things were hinted at -- it's someone who really terrifies the second Tammy [ Megan Mullally], so it can't be a diminutive, blonde-haired lady, probably."

The "probably" is the key part of that last sentence, because "Parks and Rec" has cast diminutive, blonde-haired Patricia Clarkson to play the part, TVLine reports.

Clarkson, a two-time Emmy winner (for "Six Feet Under") and Oscar nominee (for "Pieces of April"), isn't exactly who we were picturing, but we have absolutely no problem picturing her as someone who could wield power over Ron and scare the other Tammy and the rest of "Parks and Rec's" characters. Heck, maybe she's the reason why Ron now prefers brunettes.
Clarkson is set to appear in "Parks and Rec's" second episode of the season. It returns to NBC at 8:30 p.m. ET Sept. 22.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images