'Parks and Recreation': Jerry's wife is ... Christie Brinkley?

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jim-oheir-christie-brinkley-parks-and-rec.jpgComing soon to "Parks and Recreation": A win for Jerry Gergich. A big win.

The NBC comedy has cast Christie Brinkley as Jerry's ( Jim O'Heir) wife, EW reports. She'll appear in the season's ninth episode, which will also feature the return of Megan Mullally as Ron's ( Nick Offerman) ex-wife, Tammy 2.

Though Jerry is by far the saddest sack in Pawnee City Hall (except maybe Kyle, Andy's former frequent shoe-shine customer), the show has established that he has a pretty stable, long-lasting marriage. We can now understand why, from his side, he'd stick around.

As for Brinkley's character? Well, Jerry's an accomplished pianist and a pretty decent painter, so there's that.

Brinkley's casting also helps explain how Jerry has a daughter who looks like Millicent, played by Sarah Wright last season.

Brinkley's "Parks and Rec" episode is set to air in November.
Photo/Video credit: NBC, Getty Images