'Parks and Recreation': Parker Posey holds her nose and comes to Pawnee

parker-posey-parks-and-rec-320.jpgOK, so we shouldn't say that Parker Posey herself is so against Pawnee. As she says in this interview clip from NBC, she's been wanting to do a guest spot on "Parks and Recreation" for some time.

But the character she plays in Thursday's (May 3) episode -- Lindsay, Leslie's ( Amy Poehler) counterpart in the parks department in nearby Eagleton -- really isn't happy about setting foot in Pawnee. Lindsay is a former Pawnee girl herself, and she and Leslie used to be BFFs, but she has drunk deep of the upper-middle-class Eagleton Kool-aid and is now putting up fences in her parks to keep Pawnee folk out.

She even -- horrors! -- feeds her dog with waffles from Leslie's beloved JJ's Diner. That's just low.

You can see Leslie and Lindsay's showdown in full on "Parks and Recreation" at 9:30 p.m. ET Thursday (May 5). To whet your appetite, check out the two preview clips below.

Photo/Video credit: NBC