'Parks and Recreation' pics: Louis C.K. returns as Dave, has awkward reunion with Leslie

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parks-and-rec-louis-ck1.jpgThe bad news is that "Parks and Recreation" has the night off Thursday (Feb. 9). NBC is running two episodes of "30 Rock" instead.

The good news is that when "Parks and Rec" returns next week, it will be with an episode that features the return of Leslie's ( Amy Poehler) ex-boyfriend, Dave ( Louis C.K.). From the looks of these pictures, though, the reunion not so much joyful as it is awkward.

As co-creator Mike Schur told us a little while back, Dave, now a cop in San Diego, returns to Pawnee for the Pawnee police chief's ( Eric Pierpoint) retirement party. Dave and Leslie run into each other as Leslie is trying to get the chief's endorsement for her city council campaign.

Things are cordial enough that Leslie and Dave sit down to a meal together, but even here they don't look all that relaxed.

parks-and-rec-louisck2.jpgPerhaps that's because Leslie's new boyfriend, Ben ( Adam Scott), is also there. Ben, he of the slightly underdeveloped social skills and discomfort around law-enforcement types.

parks-and-rec-louisck3.jpgNot pictured here: The B-story for the Feb. 16 episode, in which Andy ( Chris Pratt) and the rest of the crew tries to write a theme song for Leslie's campaign. If it's half as good as "5,000 Candles in the Wind," though, she'll be a shoo-in.
Photo/Video credit: NBC