'Parks and Recreation' Season 5 trailer promises Ron Swanson with his face painted and other delights

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parks-and-rec-soda-tax-nbc.JPG "Parks and Recreation" has already offered up an extended look at Leslie's trip to Washington. A new trailer for Season 5 gives a look at what's happening in other early episodes too -- including the event referenced in the headline.

Ron's ( Nick Offerman) face-painting, as far as we can tell, does not involve either of his ex-wives. The out-of-character moment (at the 19-second mark in the video), which also involves a green boa, instead comes at the hands of two little girls playing dress-up in their front yard. Another adult is there too. We are intriuged.

You'll also see Leslie ( Amy Poehler) giving Ben ( Adam Scott) a virtual tour of her new Pawnee City Council office and its not entirely private bathroom; Andy ( Chris Pratt) having a bit of a Ricky Bobby moment while he trains for the police academy; Leslie with an extremely unfortunate perm (a very brief shot at the 29-second mark); and Ann ( Rashida Jones) taking a page from the Tom Haverford ( Aziz Ansari) playbook. And also dressing like a cowgirl.

"Parks and Rec" opens its fifth season at 9:30 p.m. ET Thursday (Sept. 20) on NBC. Here's the trailer:

Photo/Video credit: NBC