'Parks and Recreation's' Retta talks dream 'Scandal' crossover: 'Donna would be Olivia's rival'

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retta-kerry-washington-parks-and-rec-scandal-crossover-nbc-abc.jpgIt's no secret that the love runs deep between the casts of "Parks and Recreation" and "Scandal." "Parks" star Aziz Ansari has gone on record with his desire of a crossover between the hit shows, and now his co-star Retta is joining him.

Speaking with reporters on Wednesday (Oct. 16) at an on-set celebration in honor of the NBC comedy's milestone 100th episode, airing later this season, the comedienne and real-life "Scandal" fanatic sounded off on her dream Donna storyline in a proposed crossover.

"I would like Donna to become a rival of Olivia Pope [ Kerry Washington] and try to, you know, work her way up, try to make moves on Fitz [ Tony Goldwyn]," she revealed. "I'm kinda feeling that."

Ansari piggy-backed on the idea, saying, "We should totally do a 'Parks' episode where Donna has to do crisis management"

In Retta's fantasy, however, things get a little steamy: "But she steals Harrison [ Colombus Short] from the firm because I want to have sex with him. That would be amazing. She 'hires' him, but then she gets it."

"Parks and Recreation" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on NBC, while "Scandal" rules the roost over at ABC at 10 p.m. on the same night.

Are you on board with a "Parks"/"Scandal" crossover?
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