'Passion Play': Megan Fox, Mickey Rourke, Bill Murray first-look new photos

passion-play-megan-fox.jpg "Passion Play" is an indie film starring Megan Fox, Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray. It debuted at the 2010 Toronto Film Festival and will shortly get a limited theatrical release.

Zap2it has a sneak peek first-look at some brand new promotional stills of the movie. Fox is Lily the Bird Woman, a circus freak who has wings growing out of her back. But she is also a beauty, who befriends down-on-his-luck trumpet player Nate (Rourke), who protects her from the ruthless gangster Happy Shannon (Murray), who owns her. And has very deep pockets.

Variety described the movie as "eccentric" and said that Murray breathes life into his dialogue. The Hollywood Reporter said it was "a sentimental noir fable aimed at movie buffs with a soft spot for tough guys with tender hearts."

The limited U.S. release for "Passion Play" starts May 6 in New York City and Los Angeles.

bill-murray-mickey-rourke-passion-play.jpg bill-murray-megan-fox-passion-play.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Annapurna Productions