Paul Rudd on 'Parks and Recreation': Amy Poehler political face off!

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Paul Rudd.jpgHave you been shouting "Knope in 2012" since the last episode of "Parks and Recreation?" Well, we now know who will play Leslie's (Amy Poehler) political rival. Comedian Paul Rudd will be joining the show, according to Vulture.

There had been speculation that Kathryn Hahn from the doomed "Free Agents" would be facing off with Ms. Knope, but it turns out that she'll be playing an adviser to one of Leslie's rivals. Now, we're not sure exactly how many episodes Rudd will appear in, but an insider tells the site that Rudd filmed his scenes in late December, and it's possible he'll be doing more than one episode.

Rudd has three movies coming out this year including "This is 40," "Wanderlust" and "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." Our favorite Paul Rudd line of all time? "Oh the weather outside is ... weather," from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." What's yours?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images