Pee-wee Herman basically just won an Emmy

HBO's " The Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway" special wasn't the most critically well-received variety show on TV this year -- but that might not stop it from getting an Emmy nod.

Paul Reubens, the perpetually adolescent 58-year-old behind Pee-wee, has a "For Your Consideration ad" that might actually be funnier than his show. The "Consider..." ad is the same as Oscar winner Melissa Leo's awkward self-financed campaign from earlier in 2011.

It's literally the same image. The only alteration? Pee-wee's grin has been photoshopped in the place of Leo's off-camera gaze.

Were we Emmy voters, we'd officially be swayed.

Full image ahead, via Deadline:


Photo/Video credit: HBO