Peeps show: Peeps diorama contest hits the sweet spot

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peepton-abbey-peeps-dioramas-easter-peeps-funny-peeps-pink-peeps-bookPeople love Peeps -- both eating and creating detailed dioramas with them each year at Easter. The Washington Post hosts an annual contest in which hundreds of hopeful Peep artists craft elaborate entries and vie to win the coveted title which entitles one to bragging rights.

2012 was no different, with entries ranging from a timely "Ocupeep DC" scene  (the winner) to a grisly "Hunger Peeps" tableau to a -- yes, they went there -- "Human Centipeep."

We've excerpted some pictures of our favorite entries here (above is "Peepton Abbey"), but visit The Washington Post to see all of the 2012 contenders.

The new Peep-les Princess? Royal wedding:

Winning entry Occu-peep D.C.:

"Human Centipeep" explains itself:

peeps-human-centipeep.jpgAn all Peeps version of "Bridesmaids":


Photo/Video credit: The Washington Post