People's Choice Awards 2011: Aly Michalka, one unhappy Hellcat

aly-michalka-pcas-2010-mad-.jpgSure, "Hellcats" star Aly Michalka will come to your awards show. After all, it's the People's Choice Awards and word on the set is if you agree to show up there's a good chance you'll get to go home with a piece of Waterford crystal. But that doesn't mean she's going to be happy about it.

Between Aly's red carpet shots and the face she made during Queen Latifah's opening number (seriously, how can anyone possible dislike Queen Latifah?) it appears she'd rather be anywhere else. Now is that anyway for Emma Stone's "Easy A" best frenemy to act?

Her sister, Amanda, on the other hand, appears thrilled to have been invited.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images