People's Choice Awards 2011: Zac Efron is ready to mingle

ashley-tisdale-zac-efron-pcas-2010-gi.jpg Zac Efron cruised by the People's Choice Awards on Wednesday (Jan. 5) night, picked up an award for Favorite Movie Star Under 25 (he's 23 so he could still snag it next year too) and had his picture taken with quite a few young ladies. Not that we're faulting him. He's got that new buzzcut to show off.

Ashley Tisdale is a no-brainer. The two of them go way back to their "High School Musical" days. Troy and Sharpay shouldn't have to wait until the official reunion to catch up.

aly-aj-michalka-zac-efron-pcas-2010-gi.jpgLikewise, his hanging out with fellow Disney Machine veterans Aly and A.J. Michalka.

zac-efron-taylor-swift-pcas-2010-gi.jpgThere were rumors about Zac and Taylor Swift back in 2009 when she was his guest to the Australian premiere of "17 Again." Now that he's officially split from Vanessa Hudgens and she's momentarily rebounding from her fling with Jake Gyllenhaal what better time to reconnect?

emma-roberts-zac-efron-pcas-2010-fm.jpgSpeaking of reconnecting, Zac also had a photo moment with Emma Roberts who he shared a Teen magazine cover with in the summer of 2008.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images