'Perfect Score' premiere: Did the contestants find love?


The CW's newest reality show is playing matchmaker, but did love prevail? 

"Perfect Score," hosted by CW-favorite Arielle Kebbel, premiered Tuesday night (July 16) and featured two friends competing to win a date with their most compatible date ... as well as the $50,000 cash prize. First up were two college roommates competing to find their perfect man, but as soon as the 10 guys were introduced and given 30 seconds for a dance break, it all went downhill. 

Most of the guys competing were too forward and aggressive when it came to referencing their skills in the bedroom, and it was obvious that the two girls were not digging the pushy comments. Uncomfortable much? Do the contestants have the option to win the chance to date none of these guys? All of them seemed ... well, like the exact opposite of a gentleman. Certainly not a prize. There was even one guy who wouldn't stop flexing his pecs... and he turned out to be the number one choice for both of the roommates -- who earlier had said they have opposite tastes in men! We call shenanigans: the system deciding the compatibility factors must be flawed. Case in point: there was never a surprise as to who the girls would eliminate, but the surprise was always in the rejected guy's compatability score with the girls -- it was always way higher than they thought.

When it came down to the final round, both roommates picked the same guy as their top choice, which meant it came down to a tie-breaker. The guy got to choose who won both the prize  money and a date with him. If the roommates managed to still be friends after enduring this process, then they have an enviable, strong bond for which all friends should strive to achieve. 

When part two of the premiere featured two guys -- in a self-titled bromance -- as the ones choosing the girls, everything took on a really cheap tone. Most of the girls needed a stern lecture on how to keep some of the mystery going ... they were all offering themselves up like it was some kind of auction (which, admittedly, it was). But hey, at least it was the same situation as when the guys were the ones competing for the girls' attention. Yay, equality?

All in all, "Perfect Score" did not earn top marks, and love was not found in this hopeless place. But it did make for one entertaining hour of TV.

Photo/Video credit: The CW