'Person of Interest' Season 3: Amy Acker joins the cast full-time

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amy-acker-person-of-interest-s3.jpgSeason 3 of "Person of Interest" will get a little more interesting with the addition of a full-time adversary for Finch and Reese.

Amy Acker ("Angel"), who has guest-starred in a handful of episodes of the CBS hit, is joining the cast full-time in the fall, CBS and Warner Bros. announced Saturday (July 20) at Comic-Con.

Her character, a hacker named Root, was hoping to track down the Machine in last season's finale, but it had relocated by the time she, Finch ( Michael Emerson) and Reese ( Jim Caviezel) converged on its former location. The final shot of Root last season was of her in a mental hospital, receiving a call from the Machine.

Also Saturday, CBS and Warner Bros. announced a chance for fans of the show to have their photos featured as possible persons of interest in Season 3. Details will be available on the show's Facebook page.

Acker is a Joss Whedon regular, having starred in "Much Ado About Nothing," "The Cabin in the Woods." and "Dollhouse" in addition to "Angel." Her other credits include "Alias" and "Happy Town."
Photo/Video credit: CBS