PETA gloms onto 'Duck Dynasty' drama, says Sarah Palin and anti-gay 'duck slayers' should be shunned

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phil-robertson-duck-dynasty-peta-statement-ae.jpgNever ones to bypass a good controversy without first injecting themselves into it, PETA has entered the fray surrounding  "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson and his inflammatory GQ interview.

For the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, A&E's indefinite suspension of their hit show's patriarch isn't severe enough: They're calling for the cable net to cancel the series post haste, and calling on Christians to "ignore" Sarah Palin's defense of Robertson and shun his duck-slaying family.

"PETA wants A&E to do more than suspend one of the characters on 'Duck Dynasty' for damning gays," the statement says. "We call on the channel to challenge the entire crew of duck slayers to ignore Sarah Palin's self-serving slap on the back for spewing hate speech and deny that they are as anti-gay as they are anti-animal. All people who consider themselves followers of Christ should follow  all His teachings--and that includes showing mercy, compassion, and kindness to all of God's creation, human and nonhuman alike. What's 'sinful' is hating people and animals. PETA asks everyone who consider themselves to be Christian to reject hate speech and call for this show's cancellation."

While A&E won't likely axe their No. 1 series if they can help it, the future of "Duck Dynasty" is certainly in question. The Robertson family has pushed back against the network's decision to suspend Phil, issuing a public statement asserting they can't imagine a show without their proud patriarch. Translation: If he goes, we all go.

Do you think the days of "Duck Dynasty" are numbered? Or will this all blow over? Sound off in the comments below.
Photo/Video credit: A&E Networks