Piers Morgan on Bill O'Reilly, Chelsea Clinton and Warren Buffet on 'The Tonight Show'

"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" welcomed CNN commentator and host Piers Morgan to its stage on Wednesday (Oct. 23), where he talked about interviewing Warren Buffet and Robert DeNiro, Chelsea Clinton running for president some day and an awkward encounter with Bill O'Reilly.

"[Warren Buffet is an] absolutely fascinating man. ... I said Warren, I've got to ask you -- do you have a wallet and what's in it?'" says Morgan. "He had one of the old green American Express cards from 1964 ... and a huge wad of hundred dollar bills. ... He produced from his other pocket a rusty old Nokia from about 15 years ago, an old flip phone.

"I said, 'Do you email?' and he said, 'I sent one email once and it ended up in court, never did it again.'"

On Chelsea Clinton: "Very, very, very smart cookie. She's got a bit of mom and dad. I was very impressed with her. People say the first female president may be a Clinton, I think we've got the wrong one. I think it may be Chelsea."

And in the second video below, Morgan recounts a rather hilarious encounter with O'Reilly that would absolutely lose its humor in the translation by writing it all out, but it's worth a watch.

Photo/Video credit: NBC