'Pippi Longstocking's' Tami Erin is going to release her sex tape

tami-erin-pippi-longstocking-sex-tape.jpgYou know what they say about Pippi Longstocking -- she's the one no one can keep down (no, no, no, no). And actress Tami Erin is the same way as her on-screen childhood character.

After an ex-boyfriend started shopping Erin's sex tape around town, the angry actress tried to stop it from being released, but now she tells TMZ that there's no point in fighting it. The sex tape is going to come out one way or the other, so she wants to get paid.

Makes sense.

"My ex-boyfriend is trying to release it with or without me. I'm beating him to the punch," says Erin, who is currently accepting offers from porn companies.

Way to take charge?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images