Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Green Bay Press Gazette offer very different headlines

green-bay-press-gazette.jpgThe respective city papers of the Super Bowl XLV participates, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Green Bay Press Gazette, offer very different headlines Monday morning (Feb. 7) following the underdog Packers 31-25 victory over the Steelers in the NFL championship game Sunday.

Pittsburgh's call was Seven Can Wait, which is both a comment on how the Steelers would have won their seventh Super Bowl title with a win in 2011 and also a play on the 1978 Warren Beatty movie "Heaven Can Wait."

Green Bay went with a more simple, to-the-point approach: "Champions." It's nice, but they could've gone with something like "Four on the Floor," since this is the club's fourth Super Bowl victory.

The New York Post is always good for clever headlines. We like theirs: "Leaders of the Pack." Vroom vroom, indeed.

Photo/Video credit: Green Bay Press Gazette, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette