Pizza Hut introduces cheeseburger-ringed 'crown crust' pizza in Middle East

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pizza-hut-crown-crust-cheeseburger-pizza.jpgThe Heart Attack Grill may be making news for sending yet another patron to the hospital, but Pizza Hut is doing its level best to keep up. The fast food chain recently introduced a cheeseburger-ringed pizza crust in its Middle East franchises.

In an ad for the utterly over-the-top pizza, a customer laughs as he jokingly orders a cheeseburger at a Pizza Hut. But, to his astonishment, the server replies with a "Cheeseburger? Sure!" and presents the table with the Crown Crust Pizza.

"Made with perfectly grilled mini-cheeseburger gems, nestled in crown crusts, topped with beef, fresh veggies and drizzled with Pizza Hut's special sauce," intones a voice-over as the monstrosity is shown in extreme close-up.

So far, the pizza is only available in the Middle East. Hearts and minds, people.

Photo/Video credit: Pizza Hut