Pop-up 'Mad Men': Howard Johnson, orange sherbet and Roger Sterling's Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

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Things took a turn for the weird this week on "Mad Men" as the show's writers experiment with non-linear narrative, Roger and Jane experiment with LSD and Don experiments with Megan's tolerance for his asinine behavior.

It's business as usual at SCDP and Peggy is still struggling with beans.

Meanwhile: You can't do the '60s without doing acid, and naysayer Roger surprises everyone by having an actual epiphany while under the drug's hallucinatory thrall.

Also meanwhile: Out on the road, Don and Megan show us that the once-mundane has become iconic (though kitschy) with time. They're too busy wrecking their marriage to notice.

Possibly also meanwhile: Betty, Sally and Bobby are on a safari. Probably not, but for all we know they might as well be.

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Photo/Video credit: AMC/Eric Almendral