Pop-up 'Mad Men': Pete Campbell has first world problems and Lane Pryce has a good day

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This week, "Mad Men" teased us by foreshadowing a car crash that never comes, even when Megan drives drunk.

We're rewarded with the ongoing figurative crash of Pete Campbell's life, as he's chastised by Don, shown up by a faucet, outmaneuvered by Trudy, and given "what for" by Lane.

Ken's hopes and dreams are stomped on by the increasingly bitter Roger. Everyone at Sterling Draper Cooper Pryce seems to be careening headfirst into existential crisis as they question their purpose at the agency and in life. The exception, of course, is Don Draper, fully recovered from last week's homicidal fever dream and and sporting a bold plaid jacket few men could wear so easily.

We can only assume that Sally Draper was too busy plotting against her schoolteachers, mother and stepfather to make an appearance.

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Photo/Video credit: AMC/Eric Almendral