'Power's' Omari Hardwick: 'Study everything from Shakespeare to August Wilson'

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Zap2it: Do you still write poetry?

Omari Hardwick: I never stopped writing. Most of my friends, and those who are really close to me, tend to believe my acting is better as long as I am writing. I got into the spoken-word scene when I couldn't afford acting class anymore. My style of delivering the poem onstage was not a lot of physical movement or hysteria. It is probably closer to what you are taught in acting class.

Zap2it: What sort of drama training did you have?

Omari Hardwick: I found the stage in L.A. and in New York, then I couldn't afford any more classes. In New York, I started with (noted acting coach Sanford) Meisner. I minored in theater in college. I was a journalism major but had another year on the football field.

Zap2it: And what playwrights intrigued you?

Omari Hardwick: If you are going to stay in school and minor in theater, you study everything from Shakespeare to modern works, August Wilson. And I did a play between last season and graduation. I was in "Fences."

Zap2it: Do you want to return to the stage when "Power" is on hiatus?

Omari Hardwick: I am very close to [Broadway director] Kenny Leon, and the irony is I just auditioned for him, and it was really hard -- with my schedule on "Power."

Photo/Video credit: Starz