'Preacher' dream cast: Aaron Paul, Katee Sackhoff, Walton Goggins and more

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AMC and Sony are  developing a series based on the "Preacher" comic book by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, and there's some interesting names involved behind the scenes. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are writing and executive producing, with "Breaking Bad" writer-producer  Sam Catlin joining as showrunner.

What about on screen, though? When it comes time to find people to play the roles, choosing the right actors is going to be key. With that in mind, here are Zap2it's suggestions for the main characters in the show.

Aaron Paul as Jesse Custer

Custer is a small-town reverend, possessed by something created in the mating of an angel and a demon. Now he roams the earth, searching for a God who abandoned heaven. Paul already has a relationship with AMC and the tortured Preacher is something that would allow him to show range beyond Jesse Pinkman, which everyone knows he can do. He'd also get to be the hero, flawed as he may be.

Katee Sackhoff as Tulip O'Hare

Tulip is Jesse's love interest and also a dangerous marksman who was taught survival skills by her dad. In the books, Tulip is older than Jesse, but Sackhoff is just too perfect for the role, even if she is Paul's age. Go watch her as Starbuck in "Battlestar Galactica." That's the attitude Tulip needs.

Walton Goggins as Cassidy

Cassidy is an Irish vampire and Jesse's closest friend. He also happens to be an alcoholic and drug addict, constantly struggling with his issues, including being in love with Tulip. Obviously Goggins has no problems stretching himself for a role, just take a look at him on "Sons of Anarchy." While many fans think Goggins would make a great Jesse, seeing him as Cassidy would be amazing..

Ron Perlman as The Saint of Killers

He's the Patron Saint of Murderers and Assassination, so it takes a special person to fill such a role. Now that his time on "Sons of Anarchy" has come to an end, The Saint of Killers is a proper followup. As a former Confederate soldier during the Civil War, it'll give Perlman the change to give his Southern accent a shot. He'll also need to grow out his hair.

John Malkovich as Herr Starr

There is no choice other than Malkovich than Herr Starr. The former German anti-terror operative has been a killer since he was a child and has a collection of humiliating injuries, including the signature star cuts around his eye. As a member of a secret group called The Grail, he relentlessly pursues Jesse, which becomes an obsession. Malkovich knows a thing or two about playing a devious villain, which will come in very handy.

Shia LaBeouf as Arseface

There's more to this than just trying to be clever labeling LaBeouf as Arseface. It's not like LaBeouf can't act, her just lets everything else get in the way. He could use a little career rebuilding and something like "Preacher" would be good. Naturally there would be prosthetics involved, as Arseface was left mangled after trying to kill himself emulating Kurt Cobain. Let LaBeouf give it a shot, though.

Billy Crudup as God

That's right, God. He's an important part of the story, as Jesse is looking for him. At the same time, God is trying to avoid being found by him because the being that possessed Jesse poses a threat. Crudup would need his "Almost Famous" hair back, but he could play the Lord, couldn't he?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/Vertigo Comics