Premiere Watch: Supernatural

Jaredpadalecki_thecw_s2_supernatura Four months ago, Supernatural left fans with quite possibly the biggest cliff hanger they could. In the interim, I found myself occasionally wondering how in the world they were going to manage to get the premiere to match the pace of that finale. Oh, me of little faith.

When last we saw the brothers grim, they were separated. By death. Dean was stretched out on meat hooks over a pit in hell and Sam was...not. Getting right into the thick of things, tonight started with Dean waking in a pine box and clawing his way to the surface of a grave that is grown over with grass. He stands up and looks around to see everything flattened around him. He starts walking and eventually comes to a gas station, where he breaks in and makes off with drinks, food, cash and porn, but not before the TV and radio turn themselves on and a high pitched ringing shatters all the glass (and irritates my dog).

He tries to call Sam, but the number is disconnected, so he tries Bobby, who threatens to kill him and hangs up on him. Twice. He takes off in a hot-wired car to see Bobby, where he does, in fact, try to kill him! Luckily Dean convinces him that he's not a demon - a feat that he accomplishes by cutting into his arm with a silver blade. Of course, Bobby still tosses holy water in his face, but all it does is get Dean wet. He asks Dean how he got out and Dean admits he has no idea, but he got a souvenir from the journey: a hand print burned into his shoulder from whatever it was that pulled him out of hell. They head off to locate Sam and find out how he managed to break Dean out.

They find the younger Winchester in a hotel room with a girl in her underwear. Sam catches sight of Dean and attacks until Dean and Bobby convince him he's the real deal. Underwear girl decides to excuse herself and asks Sam to call her. He says "Sure thing, Kathy", only to be told her name is Kristy. Ouch. Once she leaves, Dean asks Sam what it cost. Not the girl, as Sam quips, but getting Dean free. Sam admits that he would have done anything to free Dean, but he hadn't found a way. So, if it wasn't Sam ... who was it?

They decide to find out, starting with the best psychic Bobby knows. Pamela Barnes seems like a fascinating character, in an overtly sexualized manner. Unfortunately, we don't get to find out much about her as her seance goes horribly awry. Something named Castiel warns her not to call whatever it was that freed Dean, but she tells it that she doesn't scare easy. It's a pity, because her TV and radio flip on and a moment later her eyeballs catch fire and burn out of her skull. She survives, sans eyesight, and the guys try to decide what their next move is.

Dean wants to summon Castiel but Sam talks him into tracking the demons he was following before Dean showed up. It doesn't take them long to find them, as they are inhabiting the staff of the nearly empty diner they are sitting in. There is a brief confrontation as both sides try to figure out what the other knows, only to find out no one knows anything. However, the demons are too afraid of upsetting whatever it was that was strong enough to break Dean free, so despite the fact that Dean slaps the Demon Waitress in the face a few times, they walk right out as if nothing happened. Which Sam is not too happy about, because he wants to destroy some demons, but Dean didn't like the odds.

Back at the hotel, Dean sleeps and Sam sneaks out, taking the Impala. He's not gone long before the TV and radio turn on and the high pitched noise is back, shattering all the glass and leaving Dean nearly immobile before Bobby drags him from the room (my dog leaves too). They take off in Bobby's car while Dean calls Sam. Sam tells him he couldn't sleep and went out for a burger and Dean tells him that he and Bobby are going out for a beer. When Bobby asks him why he lied, he tells him it's because Sam would just try to stop them from summoning Castiel.

Of course, Sam is not getting a burger, he's returned to the demon diner. The cook is dead, with turned burned out holes where his eyes were, but Demon Waitress is still kicking and she tries to kick Sam's ass. At least until Sam realizes she has no eyes either. He asks her what it was and she will only tell him that it was "the end" before she tells him to go to hell. He echos the sentiment and then holds out his hand. She starts choking black clouds and a moment later falls down dead. It seems that Wedge Antilles was a good pseudonym, because that was straight up Darth Vader! As if that wasn't shocking enough, Underwear girl Kristy shows up suddenly and congratulates him on a slick kill, which is when Sam calls her "Ruby".

Wait, What?!

Yeah, Ruby is back in a new body. It seems unlikely Lilith would  have let her go, but it isn't explained. He asks her if she found anything out but she can only tell him that no demon saved Dean because not even Lilith could have accomplished it. Then she asks Sam when he's going to tell Dean. They don't specify what it is Dean needs to be told, but when Ruby says as much as she may not like Dean, she still doesn't want to come between them, the implication is hard to ignore. She offers to take a step back while I am wondering if Sam would really shag a demon, but when Sam says he's still not sure he trusts her, I feel a little better. He also says that with her help he's been saving people and stopping demons, so he wants to keep going.

Dean and Bobby, on the other hand, have arrived in a bunker covered with every protective sigil from every faith they know of. The run a rite and a few moments later, a heck of a racket starts up. The doors open and in walks a very plain looking man who doesn't even break his stride as Dean and Bobby fire at him with shotguns. Dean asks who he is and gets the answer "I'm the one who grabbed you tight and raised you from perdition", which is when I know this is an angel. It has to be.

Dean replies "Thanks for that" and then stabs him in the chest with the demon killing knife. Nothing happens.  Bobby swings at the man from behind, who grabs his knife without a flinch before pressing two fingers to Bobby's head and dropping him like a bad habit. He tells Dean they need to talk alone, revealing that he is Castiel and he's an angel of the Lord. Dean doesn't buy it, so there are a couple flashes of lightening that illuminate huge shadow wings spreading behind Castiel. Dean asks why an angel would rescue him and Castiel replies "Because God commanded it. Because we have work for you".

The funniest moments, besides Dean's horror at finding an iPod jack in the Impala:

Dean: Bobby, what's the deal with the liquor store? Your parents out of town?

Dean: I am so in!
Sam: She'll eat you alive.
Dean: I just got out of jail. Bring it!
Pamela (to Sam): You're invited too, grumpy.
Dean: You are NOT invited.

Pamela: I need to touch something the monster touched.
Dean: He didn't touch me THERE!
Pamela: My mistake.

Demon Waitress: To hell and back, aren't you a lucky duck? You get to stroll right out of the pit. Tell me, what makes you so special?
Dean: I'd like to think it was my perky nipples.

So, I think it is fair to say that this season opener changes everything about Supernatural, quite literally. Are the boys now protected from on high? Or are they pawns of a power that doesn't care for humans much more than demons do, as demonstrated by Castiel possessing a holy tax accountant. Oh, and burning the eyes out of a few folks. Where do you think we go from here?