'Pretty in Pink': Andrew McCarthy and Jon Cryer fight over Molly Ringwald on Twitter

pretty-in-pink-andrew-mccarthy-molly-ringwald-jon-cryerSome love triangles are forever. It seems "Pretty in Pink" guys Jon Cryer and Andrew McCarthy just can't stop fighting over Molly Ringwald. This after she told Out.com that Duckie is gay. As Zap2it reported, Cryer disagrees, saying, "I respectfully disagree. I want to stand up for all the slightly effeminate dorks that are actually heterosexual. Just cause the gaydar is going off, doesn't mean your instruments aren't faulty. I've had to live with that, and that's okay."

The three stars are recreating the film on Twitter with this adorable exchange.

Ringwald: "Don't know about Andie ending up with Duckie but I'd totally end up with @MrJonCryer He grew up best Pop2it - Zap2it bit.ly/KloiwK"

McCarthy: "" @MollyRingwald: Don't know about ending up w/ Duckie but I'd end up w/ @MrJonCryer He grew up best-" SHOCKED Molly! I challenge him to duel"

McCarthy: "Let me tell you something @MollyRingwald, that @MrJonCryer wouldn't last five minutes"

Ringwald: " @AndrewTMcCarthy @MrJonCryer You have the best job on the planet and you got me in the teen years. Cry me a river. ;)"

Cryer: " @AndrewTMcCarthy ?!? His twitter handle is @AndrewTMcCarthy ?!? That's not a twitter handle, it's a major appliance!"

McCarthy: "" @MrJonCryer Hi handle is @AndrewTMcCarthy?!? That's not a twitter handle, it's a major appliance!" Ur still crying in the parking lot!"

Cryer: " @AndrewTMcCarthy Nuh-uh!! I'm still at the prom making out with Kristy Swanson!!!"

McCarthy: "" @MrJonCryer @AndrewTMcCarthy Nuh-uh! I'm still at prom making out w/ Kristy Swanson"Jon, tell the truth. It was Spader all along, wasn't it"

Cryer: " @AndrewTMcCarthy please don't be angry that @MollyRingwald thinks I grew up better. I TOLD you to moisturize back in 1985!!"
Photo/Video credit: Paramount