'Pretty Little Liars': Meet Nathaniel Buzolic and Nick Roux in 'Cover for Me'

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pretty-little-liars-cover-for-me-troian-bellisario-nathaniel-buzolic.jpgTwo new male faces are stopping by Rosewood later this season on "Pretty Little Liars" in the form of Nathaniel Buzolic and Nick Roux. What do we know about their characters so far?

Above, Dean (Buzolic) jogs with Spencer. His character is in town to help Ms. Hastings overcome her drug addiction, so perhaps he's a sort-of sober companion that her family hired? It certainly doesn't look like she's over the moon to be hanging out with him.

Below, Aria canoodles with Riley (Roux), an indie musician she meets -- and apparently hits it off with. Obviously after her big confrontation with Ezra, Aria won't be snuggling with him any time soon, but it's an open question as to how exactly this Riley person comes into her life. Why is he walking by a fraternity house? Is he a Hollis student?

Do you guys think either of these couplings are headed for romance? Check out all the "Cover for Me" photos in Zap2it's gallery.

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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Photo/Video credit: ABC Family