'Pretty Little Liars' finale: Hit-and-runs, lies and videotape

pretty-little-liars-finale-troian-bellisario-shay-mitchell.jpg "Pretty Little Liars" midseason finale went out with a bang. Before we jump into the good stuff, in case you missed it -- executive producer Marlene King answered fan questions earlier Tuesday (Aug. 10) -- find out what she had to say.

So how much fun did Mona's glamping event look? You know ... if it wasn't a scavenger hunt for A and possibly the target of a murderous psycho.

We thought it was pretty harsh of A to spread rumors about Hanna getting liposuction. Most of A's treachery has been about real secrets, not fake ones. So is that true? We don't think it is. It was also a bit harsh to send Emily's mom the pictures of her and Maya. Getting the 'rents involved ramps it up a bit, don't you think?

Alison's little video sure was creepy and salacious. It reminds us more than a little of a certain other dead girl found "wrapped in plastic." More on that tomorrow in its own post.

We aren't sure Spencer should be encouraging her sister to reconcile with Ian. Her intentions may be good, but shouldn't she really just want him to scram so Melissa doesn't find out about another kiss-your-sister's-man situation?

Did you jump with Toby appeared in Emily's back seat? It's interesting that Jenna was actually in love with Toby -- and that he'd turn to Alison for help. Did that raise anybody else's eyebrows?

It's disappointing that the girls dimed Toby out to the cops -- let's hope it wasn't them. BTW, the song playing over his arrest was Matthew Perryman Jones' "Out of Reach."

How creepy was the playground, with all the fog and the squeaky swing? *Shiver* And the "I see you" and hooded figure were very slasher-movie-esque, as was the car that took out Hanna. Do you think she's dead? We don't think they'd kill her off ... but you never know.

So it turns out Ian is a pretty bad dude -- with a penchant for high school girls. We can't wait to find out where that goes.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • It's not uber-important to the plot, but how about Byron's attitude when Aria said the house was out of control? Uh, does he not remember why their house is broken? Your fault, dude.
  • Speaking of parents, how disappointing in Ashley Marin that she stole the money. But we got another hint about a love connection with her and Byron, eh?
  • We're glad that Ian Harding and Lucy Hale's assurances proved true -- who else thought when the lights went off on the car that it signaled they were going to consummate their relationship? We don't think they had time, though.
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Photo credit: ABC Family