'Pretty Little Liars': First look at Season 2, texting zombies included

PLL-poster.jpgA lesson only "Pretty Little Liars" could teach us? "Zombies don't text."

ABC Family has released the first promo for the return of "PLL," which includes all-new footage from Season 2. Suffice to say, it looks like the Liars are in some trouble: "Bodies are piling up and all eyes are on the Liars." OK, make that serious trouble.

What else we learn from the promo? Not much, but it seems like Ian's ( Ryan Merriman) body still hasn't be found as Spencer ( Troian Bellisario) says, "If I'm lying, where is he?" We also get a quick peek at a sonogram picture, so we're going to assume Melissa ( Torrey DeVitto) and the baby are OK.

Spencer and Toby ( Keegan Allen) fans will be pleased by the promo as there's a shot of the two kissing included in the new footage. You better enjoy it while you can Spencer and Toby fans because we're thinking Wren's ( Julian Morris) return might complicate things.

For more Season 2 intel, check out our interview with "PLL" executive producer I. Marlene King here.

"Pretty Little Liars" returns Tuesday, June 14, at 9 pm ET on ABC Family.

Photo/Video credit: ABC Family