'Pretty Little Liars': Gamma Zeta Chi, the cursed tiki idol and torture room sorority

gamma-zeta-die-pretty-little-liars.jpgThe sisters of Gamma Zeta Chi welcome you and the "Pretty Little Liars" to their house. Wear your Greek letters or nothing at all!

Emily, Hanna, Spencer and A

It's college visit time! Spencer figures out that the area code and prefix of Tippi's phone number ditty are those of the numbers at nearby Cicero College, so it's off to Cicero we go.

While Spencer is playing detective and trying to ditch the "Ivy League pimp" her mom hired to make her seen less crazypants to colleges, Emily is busy using said pimp to actually get advice, now that her swimming scholarship dreams are dashed. She definitely lets him believe she might be interested in him, before finally admitting to him that she's seeing someone. A girl someone.

At a sorority party, Emily hears tales of the wicked house mother, Carla Grunwald, who seemed to have a sixth sense about the girls getting into shenanigans, just as Spencer finds Grunwald's secret lair/torture room/phone number base hidden behind an upstairs wall. There are actual scratch marks on the door. Was Alison held captive there? Or was she just busy calling that number all the time? Who do you suppose was answering? Grunwald? Or Grunwald's prisoner?

Oh, and some kind of cursed tiki idol mask thing is hanging in the house that we're pretty sure once made Buffy's cat come back to life.

Hanna, meanwhile, is totally wigging about her mom and in her snooping, finds a gun in her mom's locked closet. So she steals it and takes it to Cicero to ditch -- which, honestly, is not a terrible idea (the ditching part). If her mom's guilty, no more murder weapon to be found. If her's mom innocent (like we all know she is), she's just burying a gun and who cares.

Taking it to a party full of drunk college kids, though, is probably not the best idea. Why didn't Hanna just go push the gun into a lake?

Except "A" calls the cops on Hanna, who is arrested. At least this time there's a weapon involved and not just a shovel.

Aria and ... who is that again?

In other news, Aria's mom decides she can't go to Europe because the kid we haven't seen for years that no one ever mentions needs her to stay. It's ridiculous and Mike is a brat, but in the end, Byron convinces Ella to go.

Through all the ridiculousness, however, Lucy Hale really earns her paycheck this week. She is acting the hell out of Aria's desperation to have her mom leave town while not being able to tell anyone why, balanced with the sadness at how much she'll miss having her around.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We don't know if it was intentional, but Ashley Marin waking up with her hair shaved made us immediately think of Kimberly ripping off her wig on "Melrose Place" -- a show actress Laura Leighton was on for five years in the 1990s. We'll assume it was an homage.
  • Emily's dad wins the "Is it dusty in here?" award for the week. He may not be able to pay for Stanford, but he loves and supports and wants to help his amazing daughter and it's awesome.
  • "Do not use this time to discover beer pong." Psst, Ella -- they know about beer pong.
  • "Four-wheel hive" and "Britney shears" might be the worst things characters on this show have ever uttered.
  • But we'll forgive those because of the "Game of Thrones" shout-out. Spencer would totally like the Lannisters.
  • No Jake and Ezra, so that's a plus. But no Mona and that's two weeks in a row, show. If you go for the three-peat, we might have to break up with you.
  • Just kidding, we aren't breaking up with you, PLL. But seriously, bring back Mona.

What did you think of "Gamma Zeta Die!"? Was "A" a sorority girl? What's the Carla Grunwald connection?

Photo/Video credit: ABC Family