'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween treat

pll-halloween.jpg "Pretty Little Liars" is planning something Halloween-y. What could it be?

Thursday (Oct. 28) in the mail, we got a wonderful Halloween surprise from ABC Family. It was a jar of orange M&Ms that say "trick" and "treat" on them, a note from A that says "Trick or Treat, Witches!" and "The light reveals the truth," and an orange "Pretty Little Liars" flashlight. When we shined the light on the note, there was a hidden URL -- www.trickortreatwitches.com.

The URL redirects to this page, which has the following message: "I'm not ready for you yet, witches. Check back Friday at 3 pm EST -- A." So what could it be, "Pretty Little Liars" fans? Exciting!

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Photo credit: Twitpic, ABC Family