'Pretty Little Liars': Lucy Hale chooses Ezra over Noel

pll-aria-ezra-320.jpg"Aria, Noel and Ezra are all stuck on a deserted island and only two can leave. Who does Aria choose to leave with her, Ezra or Noel?" That is the question... a fan posed to Lucy Hale in ABC Family's "Ask a Pretty Little Liar" video series.

So what was her answer? "I'm gonna have to be Team Ezra (Ian Harding) on this one just because I love the whole scandalous relationship and I know that Aria has really deep feelings for Ezra." If it's any consolation for poor, poor Noel (Brant Daugherty), Hale adds, "I do love Noel though, he's great, too... just not for Aria."

Hale definitely seems to be a fan of the Aria and Ezra relationship and if her answer to deserted island question didn't seal the deal, the next one did; her favorite moment from "Pretty Little Liars" so far is the couple's infamous rain scene, where Ezra stops to pick her up so she doesn't get wet: "I was miserable filming it because it was freezing. We had a rain machine and the water was literally freezing and I'm in a skirt. My lip turned blue. It was crazy, but it turned out beautiful and the song [Brooke Waggoner's 'Fresh Pair of Eyes,' which is on the show's soundtrack] behind the whole scene was just gorgeous."

Harding also took a turn fielding questions, which of course, also had a lot to do with Aria and Ezra's relationship. When asked why Aria should Ezra, Harding says, "No matter how much storm and strife they go through, I think they really are meant for each other. I think they should choose each other because there's something once in a lifetime about their relationship." All together now: Aw.

How will the return of Aria's childhood babysitter Simone ("Supernatural's" Alona Tal) impact their once in a lifetime relationship? Harding teases, "Simone calls into play some issues Aria and Ezra have in their relationship."

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Photo/Video credit: ABC Family