'Pretty Little Liars' premiere: 5 things to look forward to

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PLL-premiere-jan-2.jpg "Pretty Little Liars" is back for the second half of its second season Monday, Jan. 2 on ABC Family. We've seen the premiere episode and let us tell you - it's fabulous. There's some trickeration, some fighting and a killer ending.

So here are five things PLL fans can look forward to for the premiere, which debuts at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family Monday night, following an all-day PLL marathon.

  • "A" offers a deal to one of the liars ... and she accepts.

  • Things get physical all over Rosewood. As you can see above, Spencer and Emily are not getting along. In addition, a punch is thrown in the Montgomery house, though we won't tell you by whom or at who. And one Liar's "A" encounter is more physical than ever before.

  • One of the liars makes Garrett the Cop sweat a little.

  • One liar's nemesis is moving to town. Cheers!

  • A VIP is lost (very important phone)

Getting excited, PLL fans?!
Photo/Video credit: ABC Family