'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5 mystery is 'a well thought-out plan,' teases EP Marlene King

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sasha-pieterse-ian-harding-pretty-little-liars.jpg "Pretty Little Liars" executive producers Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick and Joseph Dougherty will appear on "The Writers' Room" on Sundance Channel Monday, June 2 and in their typical circumspect manner, they didn't reveal much about the upcoming fifth season -- but here are a few juicy details they tease.

King: "The game changes with the girls knowing Alison is alive. Everything is different now, the world really just changed drastically.

Dougherty: "We've hit this kind of reset button. We've moved everyone to different emotional places than they were previously."

Goldstick: "It's exciting to think of who they are now versus who they were, and what will be the impact of a Queen Bee deposed, gone for a long time, returning to this world. On top of the fact there also are other people, not just these four girls, whose lives will be deeply impacted by her return."

: "The mystery of Season 5, the arc of the mystery that we've already laid out, it's going to be one of my most favorite seasons. I love where the mystery is going this year, it's such a well thought-out plan."

Other bon mots from the episode include:

  • King, on the big answers: "There's always an end game. We knew from the beginning that Mona was original 'A', we know now who uber-'A' is. We really work from the back forward, even with each season. We know what the ending is and then we work backwards and fill in the blanks. Mystery comes first and then comes all the great character stuff."
  • Goldstick adds: "There are tent-poles [each season]. The tent-poles are there and you basically have to do set-ups, you're writing to those set-ups, you're building up ramps to suspicion of a certain character. The idea is to make surprises happen. You certainly want twists, but it has to be legitimate. There has to be motivation, why would this person want to hurt Alison?"
  • King, on the series ending: "From the beginning, I always thought five seasons, but then when we started looking at what the end of season 4 was going to be, we got so excited that in my mind, automatically a Season 6 came in there. We can end it whenever we want because we know the ending. As long as the fans are still loving it."
  • Apparently the writers have a fictitious show they refer to as "Strawberry Patch Lane," which is the show where all their wildest ideas end up, like anything regarding amnesia, or weird couplings, like Ezra and Ella Montgomery. Those ideas are for "Strawberry Patch Lane."
  • On the rabid Twitter fanbase, Dougherty says, "Never read anything with all caps" and Goldstick finishes, "Or exclamation points. More than two, you gotta move on."

"Pretty Little Liars" Season 5 premieres Tuesday, June 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.
Photo/Video credit: ABC Family